"Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have weathered the global crisis better than expected…The region appears to be staging a robust recovery."
-The World Bank, 2011

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A boom in sub-Saharan Africa is attracting business talent from the rich world


Even the sceptics accept that the latest outlook for Africa is good. The IMF says the continent’s GDP will grow by 5% this year, down from a predicted 5.4% but still much faster than almost anywhere else. In 2013 growth may nudge up to 5.7%. ...Read More >>

Doing business in Africa, Different skills required...


According to the World Bank, sub-Saharan Africa is, on average, the most difficult place to do business when it comes to red tape... Yet a growing number of firms now talk of sub-Saharan Africa as a land of opportunity. ...Read More >>

IMF upbeat on Africa's 2012 growth


The International Monetary Fund forecast on a rosy outlook for Sub Saharan Africa growth in 2012 ... Economies in the region are expected to post nearly 6% average economic growth in 2012, rising from above 5% this year, the IMF said ...Read More >>