Investment Banking

"Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have weathered the global crisis better than expected…The region appears to be staging a robust recovery."
-The World Bank, 2011

Artemis is building an investment banking firm like no other in CEMAC. We aim at bridging businesses of the region to the USA and beyond, to other parts of the world. Formed mid-2011, Artemis is a true global investment banking group. We leverage on the US vast capital market resources to boost to outlook of African grown businesses and take them global while providing very attractive return to investors who join us.

Our firm targets the finance, insurance and energy sectors primarily. However, technology, the Internet and healthcare are also of interest.

We offer a rapidly expanding array of services from initial public offerings, private placements, M&A advisory, strategic advisory services and venture capital to CEMAC most promising companies. Meanwhile, we are building what will be one of largest research departments of sub-Saharan Africa, primarily for our institutional clients.

Through public offerings on the Libreville, Gabon based BVMAC and on the Douala Stock Exchange in Douala, Cameroon, Artemis intents to lead the way in bringing CEMAC as well as international investors into the modern capital formation process needed to bring the region into the 21st century and bridging more effectively to the global economy.