About Us

"Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have weathered the global crisis better than expected…The region appears to be staging a robust recovery."
-The World Bank, 2011

Artemis Financial, S.A. is an investment banking firm that specializes in the CEMAC region of Africa. Our firm is committed to bridging CEMAC, one of the most promising economic regions of Africa, and the USA.

We pride ourselves for our diamond-in-the-rough strategy, for standing side-by-side with clients and being quick to respond to their needs. We apply critical analysis to tailor our offers to fit both sides of our deals, and to continually working to uncover opportunities with exceptional reward potential.

Our approach is resolutely innovative and competitive.

We assist our CEMAC clients in accessing funding for growth or expansion beyond their national borders. In the process we assist them navigating U.S. capital market, offering them standards of services comparable to those in the USA.

We offer U.S. investors , institutional as well as high net worth individual, the possibility of seizing on carefully screened opportunities that exist in the CEMAC region. Our recommendations are made with clear exit strategy in mind for those investors with short and mid-term horizon strategy.

Founded in 2011 our firm is based in Douala, Cameroon and is being licensed by the regional regulatory authorities. Our U.S. affiliate company, Artemis Investment Services, will be seeking FINRA membership later this year.