Our IPO Process

"Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have weathered the global crisis better than expected…The region appears to be staging a robust recovery."
-The World Bank, 2011

Overview of Our IPO Process

  • We start with discussing with you your options for raising the funds that you need.
  • If your business is ready to go public, we will commit to assist in process, handling most of it for you. At that very early stage we will start assessing and enlisting the interest of potential shareholders. If you’re not ready with can help getting you ready.
  • At same time the thorough analysis of your company and preparation of the material needed will start.
  • As the work progresses and filings with regulators advance, we finalize with you the number of shares you might want to offer and the price per share.
  • We will then make final decision on whether we underwrite your issue or act as agent. Anyways, it is on us to create a market for your shares.
  • We will file the final paperwork with the regulators Commission along with updated financial information.

Your IPO is ready to launch ...